Recruiting Support Main for Overwatch Roster

Wed 2nd Nov 2016 - 3:54am : Overwatch


We are accepting applications for players to represent Friends Gaming and join the current Overwatch roster. If you are an avid and dedicated support Overwatch player , Friends Gaming is ready to take the next steps in making it into the Overwatch community. In addition, we are looking for players who are dedicated, hardworking, have the drive to be the best, and have good sportsmanship. As there may be lots of competition currently, Overwatch is still a very young esport and we are very excited to see the future of it exapnd. 

Please send all applications to with your name and “Overwatch Support Main Tryout” in the subject line. All applications should include the following:

  • Name:
  • BattlenetID:
  • Previous competitive experience:
  • Most played heroes:
  • Contact information:
  • Motivation for joining Friends Gaming:



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